Courage and Grace

From Broken to Blissful, the Journey of Building Joy During Your Recovery from Abuse

Courage and Grace

Courage and Grace, Susan Ball’s transformative new work for victims of domestic abuse, goes beyond just surviving. In this book you will learn how to create a thieving new life for yourself, rediscovering the woman you were born to be, all while you reclaim your life and your dreams.

Courage and Grace. From Broken to Blissful, The Journey of Building Joy During Your Recovery from Abuse is a comprehensive guide for your healing journey. Created with insight and knowledge from a helping professional and someone who has been there, Susan leads you from the place of feeling Broken to an empowered, healed, woman who embraces the Blissful life she has created for herself.

Don’t be fooled. Recovery from domestic abuse need not stop at the level of survivor. If you ache for more than life as a victim, Courage and Grace is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Publisher: Survive It Press

Why You Need to Read This Book

Surviving is Not Thriving!

This book is for the woman who is ready, no eager, to break the chains of victim’hood and actually move on with her life. It is for those who want to rebel against the system and put themselves front and centre in their story.

If you have experienced domestic violence, I want to support and encourage you along the path from fear to courage, and from misery to bliss. No woman belongs in an abusive relationship. Never, ever! If you have been waiting for someone to you help you, don’t worry, this book provides many of the answers you need. I’ll share my experience, failures, and in time success, and I’ll help you find your triumph too.

Reviews:Linda Berger wrote:

Susan Ball shares her own profound journey with her readers through compassion and love, as only a triumphant woman can -having walked the walk of abuse. Both women and men whom have a sense that there must be something more for them than living in abusive relationships, find hope in the support and guidance which is now available to them in Susan's book and companion workbook. Courage and Grace offers clear and tangible advice and self-awareness exercises on how to build their inner strength and identify a higher purpose to gain the incentive to release the hold abuse has had on their lives. This book is a true gift to anyone looking to embark on the journey of courage and living in grace outside abuse.

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