Free From Toxic Love 6-Week Intensive

This program is for you if are you ready to

Love Yourself Courageously Enough

to Walk Away and 

Live Free From Toxic Love

Free From Toxic Love 6-Week Intensive

Starts February 26, 2018

Your Investment: $188 US

​What You Get:

6  Live Coaching Calls with fabulous workbooks


​Instant Access to the Private Free From Toxic Love Group Hosted by Susan

 Amazing Bonus Gifts: Coaching Call with Susan + Your Gift Copy of my Freedom Journal

Free From Toxic Love

is for you if you want to:

  • Find the Courage to transition out of a difficult, disempowering, or traumatic relationship so that you step out on the road to emotional and relationship freedom
  • Rewrite your victim story into a story of courage, balance, and wellbeing
  • Tap into and claim your authentic truth so that you can be your best self in your next relationship
  • Own your value so you have the confidence to claim your own desires
  • Develop and maintain empowering boundaries so you know how and when to support and protect yourself
  • Discover how to show up powerfully and confidently in a relationship
  • Learn how to become a your own best friend

Are You Ready to Live Free From Toxic Love?

Your Investment: $188 US

Program Details

Week One: Be Your Own Best Friend ​

  • Learn to ditch your mean girl negative self-talk
  • Develop tools to experience self-love instantly & use self-love to transform your life
  • Discover your courage and confidently move as an empowered, healed women

Week One: Boundaries are Your Personal 5-Star Resort

  • Knowing, loving, and respecting your values
  • Guiding you to release toxic emotions and patterns and replace them with self-love and healthy boundaries

Week Three: Walk Away From All Toxic Relationships

  • Strategy to Keep, Edit, or Delete Relationships
  • Tools to know what a healthy relationship looks like so you can live it

Week Four: You Are a Woman of Value

  • Revealing the importance of Celebrating Success so you can step fully into the life you create as a strong, thriving woman of value
  • Shine your light on all your badass worthiness! Write your Personal Power Statements

Week Five: Gratitude is Self-Care

  • Learn the power of gratitude and the importance of thankfulness
  • Revealing the elements of self-care and why gratitude is the foundation

Week Six: Goals that Rock & Keep You Free!

Are You Ready to Live Free From Toxic Love?

Your Investment: $188 US

Meet Real Women Who Courageously

Embraced Self-Love, Left Their Toxic Relationships and

Live Free From Toxic Love

"Susan has helped me through very difficult times with very complicated issues and has understood exactly what I was going through and gave me real solutions to get me out of the "hole" I was stuck in and onto a bright, open path. I think of her often when things arise and I find I am able to deflect, be firm, clear and effective and people appreciate that. "Drop the drama." I am grateful. I can rejuvenate. I will Thrive."

A. Jones, Nova Scotia

Your words were inspirational to me. I've been trying to let go and move on from this guy I was in love with, and you have really actually helped me! So thank you for that.

B Anderson, Arizona

Why Work with Me?

Because where you are today is where I used to be and I know what that feels like and it SUCKS!!

I want to help you get out of that shit storm you are in. I want to help you create a life you love and adore. I want  you to Live Free From Toxic Love. 

Because You Deserve It!​

Are You Ready to Live Free From Toxic Love?

Your Investment: $188 US

"It’s impossible to find a truly loving, equal, and respectful relationship if you’re not in love with yourself. It’s time to invest your love in yourself, to fall madly deeply in love with you." Susan Ball