B2B #22 – Lisa Hartwell – Anxiety is Your Ally

There is a great deal of anxiety that happens when you are in the process of leaving a toxic, abusive, or ugly relationship. It can feel overwhelming and perhaps you are left feeling stuck. Lisa Hartwell discusses how anxiety is actually your ally and your friend and how to harness that energy to move out and move on.

Show Highlights

  • What is the purpose of anxiety
  • How to override the natural protective system of anxiety
  • how to use your anxiety as your ally
  • without anxiety we would never make changes in our lives
  • anxiety means it’s time to pay attention and mobilize
  • replacing anxiety with calmness and peace using mindfulness

About Lisa

Pragmatic, professional and compassionate – three words to accurately reflect the therapy practice of Dr Lisa Hartwell. After almost 30 years as a trauma nurse, Dr Hartwell developed a thriving clinical psychology practice. Working with high-achievers, executives and couples, she not only guide them through anxiety, negative patterns and relationship issues to give them strength, but leads them to achieve remarkable success. Currently living in Hawaii with her loving husband and adventurous son, Dr Hartwell aims to give partical and applicable practices to people suffering from anxiety, stress and difficult relationships. She helps them to both see the messages their experiences give them, and thrive in life.

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 Free Ebook:  Worry Less, Live More: Using Anxiety as Your Ally

I encourage everyone to view and use their anxiety as an ally to cope with life instead of trying to treat the anxiety and making it “go away”


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