Authentically Me! Summit

This Summit is Perfect if You Want to:

  • Liberate Yourself From Past Hurts & Toxic Relationships
  • Love Yourself Unconditionally & Honour Your Self-Worth
  • Create & Attract Healthy Relationships 

Find the Love of Your Life!

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Begins February 12, 2017

Heal You, Love You, Meet Him is Hosted by:

Susan Ball

Women's Freedom Coach | Self-Love Activist | Author | Founder of Free From Toxic Love | Speaker

Kristine Madera

Self-Love Mentor | Essential Oil Educator | #1 Bestselling Author | Speaker

Lorna Poole

Dating Coach | Creator of Magnet for Love | Podcast Host

Heal You

Hosted by Susan Ball

Denise Dominguez

Women's Empowerment Coach | Radio Personality | International Best-Selling Author | Speaker

Arlene Vasquez Washburn

Executive Certified Matchmaker & Relationship Coach | Founder of Life Past Divorce

Elisa Card

Women's Empowerment Coach | Founder of Happy 2 Succeed

Kristy Heart

Dominatrix Life Coach | Life & Business Strategist

Todd Creager

Marriage, Relationship & Sex Therapist | Life Coach | Best-Selling Author

Benjamin Ritter

Founder of Live for Yourself Consulting | Author | Host | Speaker

Marci Fedor

Relationship Recovery Coach | Certified Master Transformational Specialist

Josh Becker

Relationship Empowerment Specialist | Host of  I Simply Am Podcast 

Samantha Burns

Relationship Coach | Licensed Counselor | Creator of Breaking Up & Bouncing Back

Eva Brown Burnett

Couples and Intimacy Specialist | Creator of TabooTalkTime

Mia Saenz

Love Alchemist | Founder and Editor-in-Chief of BellaMia Magazine

Love You

Hosted by Kristine Madera

Brenda Adelman

Transformational Life Coach | Storytelling Coach  Solo-Show Mentor | Author

Nada Howarth

Law of Attraction Coach | Personal Empowerment & Relationship Coach

Luci McMonagle

Transformational Mystic Wealth Creator | Host of the Wealthy Wednesday Show | Author

Jonita Dsouza

Feminine Lifestylist | Author | Creatress of Exploring Feminity Ltd

Jane Donovan

Love Coach | Radio Host | Presenter | Author | Columnist | Matchmaker

Anella Wetter

Women's Empowerment Coach | Speaker | Author

Jen Heilman

Empowered Living Mentor | Best-Selling Author | Mompeneur on a Mission

Lisa Michaels

Activation Facilitator | International Best-Selling Author

Dana Pharant

Master Healer | Life Strategist | Former Dominatrix 

Michelle Manning

Quantum Soul Clearing Process Expert | Best-Selling Author

Meet Him

Hosted by Lorna Poole

Allison Reiner

The Love Again & Forever Coach 

Raeeka Yaghmai

Dating & Relationship Coach | Founder and CEO of Dating with Confidence

Barry Selby

Relationship Attraction Expert | Best-Selling Author | Speaker

Camille Virginia

OFFline Dating Coach & Expert | Speaker | Author

Allen Vaysberg

Intuitive Recalibration Expert | Creator of The Seamless Method | Author & Speaker

Camille Sheppard

Healthy Love Coach |  Founder of Get Mr Right University | Author

Chelli Pumphrey

Relationship Expert | Licensed Professional Counselor | Podcast Host

Amanda Noelle

Twin Flame Alchemist | Soul Coach | Founder of Aphrodite University

Macy Margot Matarazzo

Love Coach | Founder of Love Advantage | Author

Andrea Crump

The Fearless Love Coach | Speaker | Author | Blogger

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