You + JOY

Women's Circle 

Opens August 23, 2017 

Step On In and Take Your Seat

If you are a woman looking to...

  • live with greater authenticity and self-love
  • step into your courage and move beyond the pain and hurt
  • create a life that gives you a sense of fulfillment and peace
  • step into fearless confidence, balance and well-being
  • release your victim story and embrace your fearless story
  • release your inner gremlins and reclaim your light spirit

......the You + JOY Women's Circle is the program for you!

Starts August 23, 2017

Your Monthly Investment: $47 US

​What You Get:

Monthly Group Coaching Call

​Digital Recording of all Calls

Monthly Worksheets Aligned with the topic

​Instant Access to the You + JOY FB Group Hosted by Susan

Sign-Up Bonus + Surprise Guest Speakers

10% Discount on Private Coaching

You + JOY Women's Circle 

is designed for the woman who:

  • Wants to know how to "let it go" and move forward
  • Tap into and claim your authenticity so that you can be happy, content, and peaceful
  • Own your value so you have the confidence to claim your own desires
  • Develop and maintain empowering boundaries so you know how and when to support and protect yourself
  • Wants to get clear on her decisions for that "job, man, life, love, big move" etc
  • Is ready to overcome resistance, overwhelm, fears, and limiting beliefs
  • Is ready to move into her full potential without apology!
  • ​Listen & honour her intution and stop living a "should" life

When Does the You + JOY Women's Circle Begin?

Joy + YOU Women's Circle is an ongoing program designed to provide continuous support to you. You can join at anytime and begin reaping the benefits of your membership right away.

Time & Dates:​

3rd Wednesday of every month. Our first meeting will be Wednesday 23, 2017​

Time: 7:00 PM ET | 6:00 PM​ CT | 4:00 PM PT

Your Monthly Investment: $47​ US 

Ready to Commit?

Your  Monthly Investment: $47

What You Will Receive as a Member of You + JOY Womens Circle

Monthly Group Coaching Call

  • Every month I will host a one-hour conference call focused on a specific topic
  • There will be open time at the end of my chat for Q & A
  • All calls are recorded and you will receive the digital link 24 hours after the call - no worries about missing a call!

Monthly Action Worksheet

  • You'll receive a topic-focused monthly action worksheet that will keep you moving forward, shifting, and growing

Private Members Only Group

  • You will have access to a private members-only group of wonderful like-minded women. You will be free to share and asks questions, learn and grow
  • I will be active in the Group and you can tag me anytime between calls!

10% Discount on Private Coaching Packages

Sign-Up Bonus + Surprise Guests & Goodies

About Susan Ball

About Susan

Your journey from Broken to Blissful is the road I successfully travelled after taking several wrong turns on my healing path. After a very violent relationship, I was left wondering if I would ever recover and be happy again. The "recovery industry" believes that survivor is good enough. I say bullshit! There is so much more waiting to be embraced and enjoyed.  Once I decided to focus on joy, gratitude, self-love and success, the pain and sorrow turned to accomplishment, potential, and possibilities. 

Ready to Commit?

Your  Monthly Investment: $47

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