Authentically Me! Summit

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Authentically Me! Self-Love UNPLUGGED

will give you all the tools, tips, and inspiration you need to:

  • Know that Happiness Comes From Inside
  • Self-love is one of the Key Components to Healing Us
  • Who we really are! Remember her/him? she/he is still there...inside of you..waiting lets go get her/him.
  • Unconditionally Embrace Who You Are
  • Awaken Your Potential and Embrace Opportunity
  • Move Past Your Limiting Beliefs & Create YOUR Life.
  • Liberate Yourself From Past Hurts & Toxic Relationships

Self-Love UNPLUGGED is you moving confidently to create your life, knowing your self-worth, and freely expressing your wants, needs, and desires. You will Honour Your Passionate Purpose and Rekindle Joy and Adventure.

Begins June 5th

Your Summit Hosts

Susan Ball

Women's Freedom Coach | Self-Love Activist | Author | Founder of Broken to Blissful | Podcast Host

Denise Dominguez

Women's Empowerment Coach | Radio Personality | International Best Selling Author | Speaker

Our Special Guests Are:

Emyrald Sinclaire

Self-Love Mentor | Love Coach | Best-Selling Author

Bonnie Gayle

Body Liberator | Speaker | Writer | Educator

AmyJo Davies

Creator of Rebel Vibe Tribe | Rebelpeneur | Badassery Coach | Sassy Style Mentor

Camille Virginia

OFFline Dating Coach & Expert

Jonathon Aslay

Mid-Life Relationship & Dating Coach | Best- Selling Author

Cherry Norris

Internationally Acclaimed Writer, Director & Producer of "Duty Dating"

Linda Berger

Women's Empowerment Coach | Transformational Expert | Heart & Soul Warrior | Author | Speaker

Dawn Maslar

Award Winning Author | Tedx Speaker | Science of Love Researcher

Anella Wetter

Women's Empowerment Coach | Best-Selling Author | Speaker

Garrette Soldano

Motivational Speaker | Published Author | Owner Integrated Medical Clinics

Valencia Griffin-Wallace

Speaker | Author | Lifestyle Designer | The Southern Belle of BOLD

Jasmina Jazz Bjelica

Life & Executive Coach | Bowen Therapist | NLP Practitioner

Todd Creager

Marriage, Relationship & Sex Therapist | Life Coach | Best-Selling Author

Deb Boulanger

Life Reinvention Coach | Creator of "Her Great Do-Over"

Antia Boyd

Co-Founder "Find the One Summit" | Love Coach

Karenlee Poter

Dating, Sex & Relationship Coach | Talk-Show Host | Best Selling Author

Jane Whiting

Relationship & Ancestral Healing Coach | Founder of Quantum Coaching

Lisa Copeland

Internationally Recognized Love Coach & Dating Expert | Author | Writer | Speaker

Teri Lynn Wilkins

Betrayal, Cheating, Infidelity Specialist | Writer | Speaker 

Sandy Weiner

Dating Coach | Author | Podcast Host | Founder of "Last First Date"

Shannon Colleary

Recovery Road Warrior | Founder of 12-Step Recovery Experience

Renee Catt

Coach | Mentor | Relationship Mediator | "The Divorce Go To Girl"

Kelly Rudolph

Life Coach | NLP Practitioner | Founder of Positive Women Rock

Lisa Steadman

Best-Selling Author | Internationally Acclaimed Speaker  & Relationship Expert

Chantell Vermaak-Johnson

Relationship Recovery Coach | Speaker | Author

Michelle Skaletski-Boyd

Soul Journey Guide | Best- Selling Author | Professional Intuitive

Kristy Arbon

Self-Compassion & Mindfulness Teacher | Founder of Heartworks

Renee Suzanne

Love Coach | Best-Selling Author | Speaker

Eva Kuleva

Love Coach | Founder of Rare Life Coaching

Lori Ann Davis

Certified Relationship Expert | Speaker | Author

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