Interestingly, the catalyst for my transformation into a Recovery After Abuse Coach began with a whirlwind romance and ended when I ran for my life. I had married an abusive man, not the love of my life.

He was handsome, rugged, and passionate.  He purchased a dream house with a large backyard for my beautiful daughters and I.  He insisted on getting married, as soon as possible.  I was swept off my feet and believed I had fallen deeply, madly in love.

The very first morning of our married life together he reached to grab my hand.  We were on our way to Niagara Falls for our honeymoon.  I expected that this was going to be one of the happiest mornings of my life.

But something was different.

He squeezed my hand very hard and said, ‘Now that you are my wife, you will do as you’re told, how you’re told and when you’re told.”

For longer than I should have, I tried to believe the dream he sold.  I wondered if perhaps it was my fault; that I should have seen it coming but didn’t because I was stupid.  But I was stronger than I expected.

In a series of small, scary steps, I built an amazing, rich, bold life after abuse.

Like many of you, the removal of my physical self from the toxicity of an abusive relationship felt at the time like the biggest step I’d make.

My world shifted when I realized it was time for change within myself.  I’d successfully removed myself and my daughters from a harmful physical situation, but I still carried within myself the trauma.

I was done with pitying myself and playing the victim.

Even though I’d been through the fires of an abusive relationship, I decided to not allow that toxicity to define my future.

I was ready to let go of my victim story and begin to create my fearless, vibrant, successful story.

However, I didn’t know how.

My purpose is to guide you to stepping into the next level of your being; moving from victim and survivor to a thriving woman living a vibrant and fulfilled life.

I felt stuck within a mess of my own negative labels and limiting beliefs.  I knew I was hidden deep down under the pile of labels I’d acquired, I just had to uncover her again.

I longed for the me that was free and confident and felt equipped to tackle anything she set her mind to.  I missed her! I wanted to find her again and live her and be her.

I began to write new chapters of my story.

I learned that the first and best way to move on is to start by loving yourself again. Quite honestly, once I learned some strategies to get past my own self-judgement and let go of all the negative beliefs and labels, the opportunities to create big, bold, fearless new chapters were endless!

This is why I do what I do.

  • To show you how to reclaim the light spirit you were before
  • To guide you beyond the pain and hurt, and towards a joy-filled future.
  • To release your victim story, and step into fearless confidence, balance, and wellbeing.
  • To help you break up with your victim.

I will teach and mentor and guide and listen and hold space and give you the tools to help you set goals and take action to reframe your thinking, move past old fears and stories.

You will courageously step into your new life, free of abuse and toxic love.

It would be my absolute pleasure to chat with you.

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