Recovery After Abuse Private Coaching

You have been hurt and betrayed by someone you loved. You are lost and confused and believe that happiness and peace are not for you. You want to love yourself and find your unique and beautiful voice that was lost.

My Signature Recovery After Abuse Private coaching program will successfully move you through the fear of letting go, the fear of the unknown, the fear of saying goodbye to embrace all the possibilities + happiness that is waiting for you.

You will stop the whys and guilt so you can embrace self-love and acceptance.  You will face your next challenges and set powerful goals that overcome resistance and keep you moving. Moving toward your new, empowered, confident life.

You will move from heartbroken to a thriving, victorious woman who wakes up every day looking forward to your next adventure and excited to embrace life’s possibilities.

I believe that you are an empowered, confident woman who deserves a life bursting with positivity and happiness.  It’s time that you believe it, too

I support, encourage, and mentor you in your journey of recovery.

  • How to take small forward steps each day and to celebrate all your success as you grow
  • What to do when your memories are triggered by something you see or hear
  • What to do in the first stages of heartbreak to jump start healing and keep going
  • Finding your confidence, freeing your voice and embracing unconditional self-love
  • Learning how to let go of unhealthy relationships once and for all
  • Getting in touch with what inspires you, with what lights you on fire.
  • Healing old wounds and free yourself from negative beliefs, assumptions, and limitations.
  • Let go of your Victim story and embrace your Healthy Recovery story.

My Exclusive Recovery After Abuse Private Coaching Package includes:

  • Weekly 1-hour individual one-on-one coaching call that serves your whole emotional, spiritual and physical being
  • 24/7 email access during your coaching package
  • Weekly tailored and personalized homework assignments
  • Dedicated cheer-leading and encouragement

Your Investment in your Recovery After Abuse:

6-Session Package = $995 US

I work with women who are Ready for Change. Ready to Look Deep Inside. Ready to Invest in Their Future. Ready to truly recover from abuse.

Due to the intensive nature of my work, I have a LIMITED CAPACITY for premium coaching clients.

Take the first step to Recovery and click the I AM READY button and schedule a 30-minute consultation ($30 US).