7 Questions to Discover if Your Relationship is Abusive


Healing from an abusive, toxic relationship is a 3-Phase journey. Discovery | Acceptance | Empowered

Phase One is Discovery – asking questions that will reveal the true nature of your relationships. Discovery is all about exploring what’s going on, processing the information, and discovering the truth of your relationship. When you’re in a narcissistic, emotional, verbal, or generally toxic relationship, you have questions, lots of questions.

Is this really abuse? What is going on here?

Here are some really good questions to ask yourself to get to the truth of your relationship:

Do you keep opinions or concerns to yourself to make things easier?

Does your partner blame you when he cheats, calls you names, or hits you?

Do you feel guilty about having your friends or interests?

Does your partner get jealous when you talk to anyone of the opposite sex?

Does your partner call or text you excessively and constantly question where you are and what you’re doing?

Are you constantly in I can fix this mode?

Do you feel pressured to spend time with your partner or to have sex on demand?

These are empowering questions to begin the What the Hell is Happening Discovery Phase.

If you answered Yes to just one of these questions, your relationship is toxic and abusive. It is not healthy and it’s not love.

Remember empowering questions do not begin with Why – ditch the why questions. Negative energy through excuses.

The Discovery Phase is really important because it brings clarity to your situation. I can remember asking myself over and over again What the Hell is Happening but I didn’t know how to ask the right questions to get to the truth and realize I was in an abusive relationship.

To your healthy discovery xo

April 18, 2018