Your kids hear the abuse

For the Moms Who Think the Kids are Okay

You are a woman and a mom experiencing an abusive, narcissistic, toxic, and maybe physically violent relationship and it’s shit – I know. But for the moms who think the kids are okay and maybe staying is better than leaving, consider the following truths

For the moms wondering if their babies pick up on the tension, lack of safety, and violence going on around them. THEY DO

For the moms who get berated and humiliated in front of their children and wonder if it affects the kids? IT DOES

For the moms who worry her kids won’t have a good life if she leaves her abuser. WE WILL.

For the moms who think staying quiet and keeping the secret is better for the kids. IT’S NOT

For the mom who thinks she’s the only one being hurt by the abuser, YOU’RE NOT

From someone who was born into this cycle of violence, every time my mother was insulted, bullied and humiliated, SO WAS I.

I am a part of her. When he abused her, he abused me. When she made the decision to stay or leave, she made it for all of us. It’s not about being a “good mom” or a “bad mom”, it’s about being courageous enough to stand up for us and make the decision to leave. You will give your children the gift of peace, comfort, quiet, stability, and freedom. You will show them how to stand up for and respect themselves.

I learned to be a victim of domestic violence and to accept shitty relationships because I had been groomed to believe that was love. That was normal. That was okay. That was how a marriage worked. I was listening and learning.

Your children are listening and learning. What are you teaching them? This one question will give your the courage to set the goal, make the plan, and leave.

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July 3, 2018