How to Save Money to Leave

One of the biggest obstacles women have for leaving is lack of money. They are often cut off from all the financial decisions in the household and have no direct access to saving money.

You want to leave your abusive relationship desperately but you start thinking about all the things you will have to make happen. And all of them seem to take a huge amount of money. The lack of money becomes a tremendous obstacle and for many women. One that seems insurmountable.

I remember it well. The cold sweats thinking about how will I provide a home for children? Food? Clothing? My abusive husband had me quit my job with stories of how he would love to support me so I could be a full-time mom to my girls. I had no access to bank accounts, bank cards or credit cards. The household budget was in cash and receipts and change were monitored.

Saving a few dollars each week was difficult but I did manage to do it. I didn’t save a lot but it was enough to offer to pay for some groceries when I arrived to live in my cousin’s furnace room. And that little bit made me feel good about myself. And I needed that.

Now, we live in an electronic banking age which makes anonymity much easier.  I would have loved to have internet banking!

There are ways to save a little money in your name that will grow over time. Yes, it may take some time but you will be building a savings account that will ultimately move you out the door and that is a very good thing. You will also feel proud of your accomplishment and feel less of a victim. You’re making a plan and you’re gathering resources to make it happen.

3-Money Gathering Tips

Cashback Please

Cashback! I love cashback. When you go to the grocery store or any shop where they have cashback, add an extra $10 or $20 to the bill. You get the cash and only the total you paid shows in your bank account. Your secret stash will begin to grow and you’re on your way to safety and peace.

Consignment Shops

Sell your clothes. the kids’ clothes, and extra stuff through a consignment shop. You get a little bit of money to add to your growing money stash.

There are many little things collecting dust that could be turned into a little bit of cash. Every dollar goes toward your greater goal and they all count.

Selling Your Talents

What do you love to do that you could sell under the radar? Please, nothing illegal or sleazy. There is no need for that. You have many legit talents that you can use to earn a bit of money.

Do you have a trade – hairdresser, nail technician, makeup artist, painter? Or do you love to bake? Or cook? Are you willing to clean a house or two once a week?

Think about your everyday skills that you could put to use as a small cash business. Who knows? What you do to create cash flow to leave may turn into a business that will support you in the future.

I know from personal experience that money can present itself as one of the biggest obstacles to leaving an abusive relationship. But with a little ingenuity and perseverance, you can begin your “I’m getting the hell out of here” fund and in the internet era, all your banking can be kept quiet. If you still feel uncomfortable using a bank, then ask a trusted friend or relative to hold on to your money for you.

Either way, you’re clearing a major obstacle on your road to recovery. You’re also building your confidence muscle and beginning to see how you can be successful taking care of yourself and your kids (if you have them).

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September 17, 2018