Healing Narcissistic Trauma Event

 Overcoming narcissistic trauma can be scary. You feel confused, conflicted, & deeply hurt. Wondering if the fog will lift.

The great news:

Healing & Recovery are Possible.

The Healing Narcissistic Trauma Conference will support and encourage your courageous healing journey!

February 9 to 13

Registration is Closed

The Conference will be open in June 2019

See You Then

The Healing Narcissistic Trauma Conference

Denise and I are excited to be hosting a conference dedicated to Healing Narcissistic Trauma. We have interviewed top experts in the field of healing after abuse, empowering women to courageously move away from their victim, and step into their incredible value.

The Healing Narcissistic Trauma Conference is for women and men who have experienced an incredibly difficult, unhealthy, and abusive relationship and are still experiencing pain from a partner or parent who was supposed to love them.

If you have experienced a narcissistic abusive relationship, tried to distance yourself from the situation but still struggle with feeling stuck, helpless, and alone, then the Healing Narcissistic Conference is for you!

The Healing Narcissistic Trauma Conference will only be live February 9 to 13. Subscribers will receive access to all the recorded videos and as a bonus, I will be hosting live “breakout” sessions during the conference weekend.

You will come away believing you can live Free, Fulfilled, and Fearless!

Healing Narcissistic Trauma Conference Hosts

Susan Ball

Founder, Empowered Her

Passionate Survivor Advocate

Denise Dominguez

Women's Empowerment Coach

Bestselling Author

Guest Experts

Lindsey Ellison

Founder, Start Over Coaching | Relationship Coach

Expert Topic

How to Persuade a Narcissist & Get What You Want

Laura Worley

Transformational Coach | Speaker | Trainer

Expert Topic

Letting Go of the Past

Sarah K. Ramsey

Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner

Expert Topic

Dating and Marriage After a Toxic Relationship

Joseph Ghabi

Author | Healer & Spiritual Leader

Expert Topic

Can we heal Narcissistic trauma?

Teena Evert

Founder & CEO, Claim the Lead

Expert Topic

Personal Leadership - Own Your Power

Iris Benrubi

Dating & Relationship Expert Registered Psychotherapist

Expert Topic

Healing From Trauma

Healing Narcissistic Trauma

Angelena Lewis

Founder, LIVIN Focus | Author | Personal Empowerment Expert

Expert Topic

Stages of Recovery and the Importance of Self-Awareness

Susan Guthrie

Lawyer & Co-Founder, Breaking Free Mediation

Expert Topic

How to Mediate with a High Conflict Spouse

Tori Ufondu

Writer | Relationship Coach

Expert Topic

Your Toxic Relationship is about You, not Him

Dr Lisa Cooney 

Founder, Live Your Roar

Expert Topic

Gaslight No More

Healing Narcissistic Trauma

Tiffany Hill

Lawyer | Advocate | Author |  Executive Producer of “The Last Time”

Expert Topic

Shifting from Pain to Purpose

Barry Paul Price

Founder, Powerful Women in Relationships

Expert Topic

Spotting Your Relationship-Pattern Blindspots and The REAL Reasons For Them

Healing Narcissistic Trauma

Dr Rhoberta Shaler

The Relationship Help Doctor | Mediator | Speaker

Expert Topic

Overcoming Lies Your Abusive Parent Told You About Who You Are

Healing Narcissistic Trauma

Gemini Ferrie

Love Coach | RTT Hypnotherapist


Expert Topic

High Self-Worth

Healing Narcissistic Trauma

Maxine Clancy

Divorce Detox

Expert Topic

How the Four Archetypes of Fear Prevent Healing 

Healing Narcissistic Trauma

Amy Wolfe

Relationship Expert | Psychotherapist


Expert Topic

So You Loved a Narcissist

Healing Narcissistic Trauma

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