Healing Narcissistic Trauma Conference

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Dedicated to Healing Narcissistic Trauma

October 27 & 28

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The Healing Narcissistic Trauma Conference

I am excited to be hosting a conference dedicated to Healing Narcissistic Trauma. I will be interviewing top experts in the field of healing after abuse, empowering women to courageously move away from their victim, and step into their incredible value.

My carefully curated experts are from a diverse group whose target audience are women and men healing from narcissistic trauma. The interviews will bring resources and inspiration to women (and men) who are healing after narcissistic abuse and trauma. 

The Healing Narcissistic Trauma Conference will only be live for one-weekend – October 27 and 28. Subscribers will receive access to all the recorded videos and as a bonus, I will be hosting live “breakout” sessions during the conference weekend.

You will come away believing you can live Free, Fulfilled, and Fearless!

Susan Ball

Founder, Empowered Her | Host, Fierce Women Rising Radio

Expert Topic

Healing Begins with Your Child Wound

Johanna Lynn

Founder, The Family Imprint Institute

Expert Topic

The Hidden Dynamics Keeping Your From a Healthy Relationship

Aska Kolton

Founder, Get Ready for Love

Expert Topic

From Self-Love to True Love

Arlene Vasquez-Washburn

Founder, Life Past Divorce

Expert Topic

How to Stop Attracting Narcissists

Barry Selby

Relationship Attraction Expert

Expert Topic

Their Bulls#it is Not Your Problem

Caroline Strawson

Divorce and Breakup Coach

Expert Topic

Being an Empath & Coping with a Narcissist

Ce Anderson

Wellness Advocate | Mental Health Therapist

Expert Topic

Red Flags of an Abuser

Denise Dominguez

Women's Empowerment Coach | Author | Speaker

Expert Topic

3-Keys to Healing Yourself

Jill Lang

Healing & Empowerment Coach | Founder, Coach Jilly

Expert Topic

Healing Through Self-Love

Kristine Godinez

Host, We Need to Talk

Licensed Professional Counselor

Expert Topic

Healing After Abuse

Mickie Zada

Founder, Surviving Abuse Network | Women's Advocate

Expert Topic

If We Don't Change, Nothing Changes

Leanne Townsend

Women's Empowerment Coach | Lawyer | Advocate

Expert Topic

Divorcing a Narcissist

Joy Forrest

Advocate for Victims of Domestic Abuse

Expert Topic

Domestic Violence and Faith

Tracy Malone

Founder, Narcissistic Abuse Support | Relationship Expert

Expert Topic

PTSD: How to Recognize It & Start Healing


Lindsey Ellison

Founder, Start Over Coaching | Relationship Coach

Expert Topic

How to Persuade a Narcissist & Get What You Want

Laura Kennedy

Soulmate Attraction Coach

Expert Topic

Clearing Space to Heal

Stacy Brookman

Resilience & Storytelling Expert | Host, Real Life Resilience Podcast

Expert Topic

Writing for Resilience

Sarah Squires

Founder, The Nurturing Parent & Children of Abusive Parents

Expert Topic

Narcissistic Parents & Parental Alienation

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