Every month  I will host 2-LIVE masterclasses on topics designed to support your Recovery & Resilience.  The Masterclasses are free for all Recovery & Resilience Members Club members.

For a small charge, non-members can also sign-up for any masterclass.

Masterclasses will bring you exclusive access to experts hand-picked my me to give you valuable resources and encouragement for your healing journey.

Join the class from the comfort of your home - pj's are perfect! Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine or whatever speaks to you and join me. These Masterclasses include a Live Q&A - bring your questions, interact with the group, or simply absorb the healing energy.

Monday June 15 – 12 p.m. Eastern

Katrine Horn

Never Perfect, Always Genuine

Learning from Negative Self-Talk

Katrine Horn is a Self-Love Activist. She came to feel and to understand that outsourcing love is detrimental to Happiness and Success. She now assists women who want to break the cycle of perfectionism and not feeling good enough to embrace the unique, imperfect but totally lovable person that they are so that their lives will reflect this new-found peace, joy, and acceptance through the connection to their inner knowing, to their joy and to their authenticity. 

Monday June 29 – 5 p.m. Eastern

Robin Joy Meyers

The Myth of Fear

Robin Joy Meyers is a TEDx & International Speaker, FEAR Strategist, best selling Author, and a molecular geneticist. Robin’s expertise in the fields of mindset, leadership and transitions empowers women with science-based tools and strategies to put into action immediately.