My passion is to help as many women as possible heal their Twisted & Tangled Childhood Love Stories. Those are the stories you keep repeating in your adult relationships. My Twisted & Tangled Story was abandonment and my fear of being abandoned as an adult kept me stuck in abusive, toxic, unhealthy relationships. I settled for men who treated me like shit and when I would get free of one, I would run to the next and accept his false promises without question.

Healing from Narcissistic Trauma, Toxic Relationships and Domestic Violence is a journey. It requires patience with ourselves, understanding of what happened, and getting to know ourselves intimately so we do not become targets again.

As a member client, you have access to monthly group support session with Susan, masterclasses with guest experts, videos, tools, and healing resources on a regular basis at a reasonable price. Choose your level to begin your healing journey and make 2020 all about Recovery & Resilience

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