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An​​​​na Olson blogger


Susan saved my life. I was going through a very dark time following an abusive relationship. Susan helped me regain my strength, my purpose, and my dreams. I can't thank her enough.

A. Hoffman


Susan is wonderful to work with. She has helped me step through my fear and start working on empowering myself to make needed changes in my life. She is encouraging and knows exactly what I need. She has helped me discover my values, implement boundaries, and begin to release my limiting beliefs. She has been a rock of support when I most needed help.

B. Arch (Florida)


Susan helped me to "see the light". She eased me out of darkness with her laughter. Her experience and intelligence spans divides. She helps me get past my emotions so I can communicate more effectively with those that matter most. She listens, relates, validates, and works through the issues to give me a real, practical, tangible method and words I can use right away. She makes me feel stronger and more sure. Susan has helped me through very difficult times with very complicated issues and has understood exactly what I was going through and gave me real solutions to get me out of the "hole" I was stuck in, and onto a bright open path. I think of her often when things arise and I find I am able to deflect, be firm, clear, and effective and people appreciate that. "Drop the drama". I am grateful. I can rejuvenate. I will thrive.

A. Jones (Musquodoboit, NS)


I have had the pleasure of working with Susan after hearing her speak on a finding healthy love webinar. As an empath who spent two 10 year stints with toxic men, I finally got it that I deserved better & wanted to end the cycle of unhealthy relationships & i therefore immediately related to Susan’s presentation on ridding yourself of toxic relationships. At the convenience of my schedule, we have worked on defining my self-values & setting boundaries, something I had never really done before. It takes some work as an empath to focus on yourself but Susan is giving me the skill set to set boundaries with confidence. I look forward to ongoing work with Susan & the important tools she is giving me!

L. Skelton (Connecticut,)


The best thing Susan did for me was demonstrate that I had lots of excuses and by holding a mirror up to me I saw I was standing in my own way. I needed someone to hold me accountable, enable me to see some difficult truths and support me to define my dreams.

L. Scott (Program Coordinator, Halifax, NS)